An overview of EAU Congress history


Stockholm, Sweden

18-21 March 2009

Willy Gregoir Medal 2009

P.J. Van Cangh,
Brussels (BE)

Crystal Matula Award 2009

M.J. Ribal,
Barcelona (ES)

Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award 2009

J. Mattelaer,
Kortrijk (BE)

Lars Grenabo

24th Annual EAU Congress

17-21 March 2009
Stockholm, Sweden


10,848 Participants
2,318 abstracts submitted, 1,048 accepted
38 ESU Courses

First Guidelines Interactive Forum session

Clinical guidelines were not exactly a ‘hot topic’ in the 1990’s when the EAU first launched the Guidelines project. Today, the EAU takes a frontline role on the issue of guidelines creation. In Stockholm, the first Interactive Forum was a success with 235 voting participants. A number of patient scenarios were presented and the voting results were

  • The first time ESU Education in Progress was organised
  • First International day: Urology beyond Europe