An overview of EAU Congress history


Paris, France

5-8 April 2006

Willy Gregoir Medal 2006

A. Borkowski,
Warsaw (PL)

Crystal Matula Award 2006

A. De La Taille,
Creteil (FR)

Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award 2006

C.C. Schulman,
Brussels (BE)

Laurent Boccon-Gibod

21st Annual EAU Congress

5-8 April 2006
Paris, France

Facts & Figures

11,565 participants
2,647 abstracts submitted, 1,209 selected
34 ESU Courses organised

The 21st Annual EAU Congress in Paris marked one of the biggest surge in terms of attendance and participation in the EAU congresses, nearly doubling the attendance in 2005. Complementing this growth was the rise in the number of submitted abstracts and a wider coverage of urological topics.

Focus on best practices

Some of the major topics taken up during the plenary sessions included the contemporary management of prostate cancer, the developments of angiogenesis inhibitors for stopping tumour cell growth and the latest developments for the treatment of Lower Urinary Track Syndrome (LUTS). Panel discussions, debates and open forums and lectures focusing on prostate cancer diagnosis

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