An overview of EAU Congress history


Madrid, Spain

12-15 March 2003

Willy Gregoir Medal 2003

A. Le Duc,
Paris (FR)

Crystal Matula Award 2003

B. Malawaud,
Toulouse (FR)

Remigio Vela Navarrete

18th Annual EAU Congress

12-15 March 2003
Madrid, Spain

Facts & Figures

7,000 participants
2,503 abstracts submitted, 1,059 selected
30 ESU Courses organised

Premiere of the Late Breaking News sessions

The first Late Breaking News sessions presented a variety of topics, ranging from sexual function preservation and restoration to diagnostics in bladder and prostate cancer. Eleven abstracts were submitted.


Since 2003 only Windows PowerPoint presentations are used during congress presentations replacing the plastic slides