An overview of EAU Congress history


Birmingham, United Kingdom

23-26 February 2002

Willy Gregoir Medal 2002

R. Küss,
Paris (FR)

Crystal Matula Award 2002

M. Kuczyk,
Hanover (DE)

John Fitzpatrick

Gordon Williams

17th Annual EAU Congress

Birmingham, United Kingdom
23-26 February 2002

Facts & Figures

5,136 participants
1,610 abstracts submitted
30 ESU Courses organised

Princess Ann

One of the highlights was the visit of Her RoyalHighness the Princess Royal, Ann.


The Mannheim Uroband played at the Welcome Cocktail. In 1998 when the band was founded, all the members were urologists (senior registrars and residents) at the Department of Urology, Medical School Mannheim, University of Heidelberg (Head: Prof. Dr. Peter Alken).