An overview of EAU Congress history


Stockholm, Sweden

7-11 April 1999

Willy Gregoir Medal 1999

T. Hald,
Copenhagen (DK)

Crystal Matula Award 1999

G. Thalmann,
Berne (CH)

Peter Ekman

14th Annual EAU Congress

Stockholm, Sweden
7-11 April 1999

Facts & Figures

6,000 participants
1,800 abstracts submitted
14 ESU Courses organized

Introduction of Viagra

“Viagra completely changed the paradigm of treatment of erectile dysfunction. Viagra was the first oral drug to treat this condition and it immediately showed an outstanding efficacy and safety profile. In addition, the discovery of Viagra opened the way to the assessment of other compounds of the same pharmacological class: PDE5 inhibitors. Soon after the discovery of Viagra, the development of Cialis and Levitra also started”, says Prof. Francesco Montorsi

P Ekman singing 1999