An overview of EAU Congress history


Paris, France

1-4 September 1996

Willy Gregoir Medal 1996

A. Steg,
Paris (FR)

Crystal Matula Award 1996

F.C. Hamdy,
Oxford (GB)

Alain Le Duc

12th EAU Congress

1-4 September 1996
Paris, France

Facts & Figures

4,800 participants
800 papers selected for the Scientific sessions and 500 poster resentations were on display as well as a range of video presentations showing various surgical techniques.
The first time 6 ESU Courses were organised
Chair of the Scientific Committee: Prof. Laurent Boccon-Gibod
The First Crystal Matula Award was granted to Prof. Freddie Hamdy, Sheffield (GB)

At the General Assembly the new structure of the EAU with various new committees for all the new activities were approved. From that moment on the EAU grew at tremendous in terms of membership, congress participants as well as activities.

French virologist Prof. Luc Montagnier, who later received the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine as co-winner for his discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), outlined treatment procedures in a state-of-the art lecture given during the this Congress in Paris.