An overview of EAU Congress history


Genoa, Italy

21-25 June 1992

Willy Gregoir Medal 1992

J.A. Martinez-Pineiro,
Madrid (ES)

Luciano Giuliani

10th EAU Congress

21-25 July 1992
Genoa, Italy

Facts & Figures

2,500 participants
1,200 abstracts submitted
Prof. Debruyne (NL) succeeded Prof. Steg as Secretary General.

1st EBU Exam

The first EBU Exams took place during this Congress, considered by many as ‘a milestone in European urology. ’A total of 253 urologists took the exam made up of 100 multiple-choice questions, which were translated in 8 recognised EC languages. The final figures were: 94 Italian, 21 Dutch, 34 German, 8 Greek, 6 Portugese, 21 Spanish, 5 Danish, 27 English, 37 French.