An overview of EAU Congress history

Milan, Italy 2013

Milan, Italy

15-19 March 2013

Willy Gregoir Medal 2013

C-C. Abbou,
Creteil (FR)

Crystal Matula Award 2013

P. Böstrom,
Turku (FI)

Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award 2013

J. Breza,
Bratislava (SK)

Innovators in Urology Award 2013

U.E. Studer,
Berne (CH)

Prostate Cancer Research Award Winner 2013

L. Ahmad,
Glasgow (GB)

Francesco Montorsi

28th Annual EAU Congress

15-19 March 2013
Milan, Italy

Fact & Figures

12,888 participants
3,700 abstract submitted, 1,161 accepted
40 ESU Courses were organised

EAU13 Collaboration is key

Collaboration is key

Intensifying links across urological specialties and medical disciplines on the one hand, and the practical use of recent research findings in everyday clinical practice on the other, were among the recurring messages given by experts, opinion leaders, and speakers during the congress.

Increasing standardisation

During the souvenir session, the EAU Policy on Live Surgery was presented by the EAU Live Surgery Committee. With the introduction of a strict code of conduct for all EAU-organised live surgery events, this policy has established a standardised set of requirements which safeguard the safety of the patient as well as the educational value of the event.

Milan, Italy 2008

Milan, Italy

26-29 March 2008

Willy Gregoir Medal 2008

F. Pagano,
Padua (IT)

Crystal Matula Award 2008

V. Ficarra,
Padua (IT)

Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award 2008

R. Ackermann,
Düsseldorf (DE)

Walter Artibani, Vincenzo Mirone & Patrizio Rigatti

23rd Annual EAU Congress

26-29 March 2008
Milan, Italy

Facts & Figures

13,489 participants
3,440 abstracts submitted, 1,061 accepted
25 ESU Courses organised

Smart bombs for prostate cancer

Amongst the highlights of the scientific lectures were targeted therapy or ‘smart bombs’ for prostate cancer, the growing prevalence of nosocomial urinary tract infections (NAUTI), biological markers for urological cancers and optisiming targeted therapies for metastatic renal cell carcinoma, amongst others. The various EAU Sections Offices also called for closer collaborativeprojects and stressed the need for more exchanges in best practices. Heads of the various offices expect that collaboration with other disciplines such as medical oncology and radiotherapy will be given more attention in the coming years.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony