An overview of EAU Congress history

London, United Kingdom 2017

London, United Kingdom

24-28 March

EAU Crystal Matula Award 2017

C. Gratzke
Munich (DE)

EAU Willy Gregoir Medal 2017

P. Abrams
Bristol (GB)

EAU Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award 2017

P-A. Abrahamsson
Malmo (SE)

EAU Innovators in Urology Award 2017

R. Turner-Warwick
Exeter (GB)

EAU Prostate Cancer Research Award 2017

M. Shiota
Fukuoka (JP)

32nd Annual EAU Congress

22-28 March 2017
London, United Kingdom



London, United Kingdom 1988

London, United Kingdom

18-21 May 1988

Willy Gregoir Medal 1988

H. Hopkins,
Reading (GB)

John Blandy

8th EAU Congress

18-21 May 1988
London, United Kingdom

Facts & Figures

500 participants
More than 500 abstracts submitted

Willy Gregoir Medal

Mr. Harold Hopkins (GB) received the first Willy Gregoir Medal. The medal’s design was based on a profile sketch made by Prof. John Blandy.

A great deal of the discussion focused on vesicoureteral reflux in pediatric urology. For the first time a debate was held on the treatment of benign hypertrophia of the prostate, hyperthermia, the use of lasers and urethal prostheses.