An overview of EAU Congress history

Istanbul, Turkey 2005

Istanbul, Turkey

16-19 March 2005

Willy Gregoir Medal 2005

R.T. Turner Warwick,
Exeter (GB)

Crystal Matula Award 2005

M.P. Matikainen,
Tampere (FI)

Sedat Tellalogu

20st Annual EAU Congress

16-19 March 2005
Istanbul, Turkey

Facts & Figures

6,500 participants
2,763 abstracts submitted, 1,126 accepted
31 ESU Courses organised

Prototype lithotripter

A lithotripter is usually not an object of culturalinterest. But model HMR3 once produced as a prototype by Dornier MedTech GMBH to disintegrate kidney stones without surgical intervention was donated to the EAU. Nowadays, a urologist cannot do without lithotripters.

Tsunami donation

The EAU Executive Committee pledged a sum of 100,000 euros to support the rebuilding of the urological department in Banda Acheh, Indonesia and to buy new instruments for hospitals damaged by the tsunami in Asia. The president of the IAU, Prof. Doddy Soebadi received the donation in Istanbul.