An overview of EAU Congress history

Geneva, Switzerland 2001

Geneva, Switzerland

7-10 April 2001

Willy Gregoir Medal 2001

J. Blandy,
London (GB)

Crystal Matula Award 2001

B. Djavan,
Vienna (AT)

Hans Jürg Leisinger

16th Annual EAU Congress

7-10 April 2001
Geneva, Switserland

Facts & Figures

5,436 participants
1,664 abstracts submitted
37 ESU Courses organised

ESUT Garden of the future

The latest innovations of Urotechnology were demonstrated by key European Urologists. Additionally delegates had the opportunity of tutor-guided hands-on to the devises.

Professor Abbou and the ‘stolen’ robot

“When the cardiac surgeon was on holiday in July of that year, I decided to ‘steal’ the department robot for a radical prostatectomy which went very successful. Since we were among the first people to use the robot – there was one other team in Germany – we did not get any training and had to learn how to use the robot on the job. However this was no problem since the robot was already used as a tool in laparoscopic surgery. After insertion of the tubes, the instruments that go through the tubes can either be used by humans or by robots. In the end the robot turned out to be pretty straightforward to use. However in the beginning many doctors said we were crazy using a robot for such a procedure; they were convinced it would not work.”