An overview of EAU Congress history

Brussels, Belgium 2000

Brussels, Belgium

12-15 April 2000

Willy Gregoir Medal 2000

H. Marberger,
Innsbruck (AT)

Crystal Matula Award 2000

A.R. Zlotta,
Toronto (CA)

Claude Schulman

15th Annual EAU Congress

Brussels, Belgium
12-15 April 2000

Facts & Figures

5,500 participants
1,800 abstracts submitted, 720 accepted
22 ESU Courses organised
1,500 exhibitors

The first EAU Guidelines were presented.

The 15th Annual Congress was also known as the Millennium Congress being the first major urological event in the new century.

All slides used in state-of-the-art lectures were posted almost immediately on Uroweb.

EAU map Guidelines 2000