An overview of EAU Congress history

Berlin, Germany 1994

Berlin, Germany

13-16 June 1996

Willy Gregoir Medal 1994

L. Giuliani & G. Chisholm
Genoa (IT)    Edinburgh (GB)

Reinhard Nagel

11th EAU Congress

13-16 July 1994
Berlin, Germany

Facts & Figures

2,300 participants
Over 1,200 abstracts submitted

After close and continued efforts over the years, the American Urological Association (AUA) and the EAU finally launched the EAU-AUA Exchange Programme, a unique collaborative project which is actively promoted by both associations.

Congress President Reinhard Nagel:

“Due to the rapid development in the field of molecular biology in our understanding of the process of malignant transformation, of the regulation of the immune defence and in the underlying mechanisms of chemoresistance, non-invasive, conservative management is conceivable in many situations which today still require surgical treatment. I believe that some of these developments will become reality in the near future.”

Berlin, Germany 2007

Berlin, Germany

21-24 March 2007

Willy Gregoir Medal 2007

H. Frohmüller,
Würzburg (DE)

Crystal Matula Award 2007

M.S. Michel,
Mannheim (DE)

Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award 2007

L. Boccon-Gibod,
Paris (FR)

Udo Jonas

22nd Annual EAU Congress

21-24 March 2007
Berlin, Germany

Facts & Figures

12,500 participants
2,400 abstracts submitted, 1,150 selected
24 ESU Courses were organized

Prof. Per-Anders Abrahamsson (SE) was elected as the new Secretary General

Prof. Per-Anders Abrahamsson (SE) was elected as the new Secretary General of the EAU and succeeds Pierre Teillac.